Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easy Oatmeal Pie Crust

Easy Oatmeal Pie Crust by Custom Taste
If we not mentioned yet, we are starting to change up some things here in our kitchen. We are moving toward clean eating! YAY! Look for a more lengthy (there will be pictures!) post about it. Our first mission was to find a pie crust suitable for what we were looking for since we love pie! You might also recognize this guy from our Pi Day post, and as promised here it is! Our easy oatmeal pie crut. It does not a sweet flavour or any flavour really so the versatility is virtually endless! Give it a try with you next pie creation, you won't be sad!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Meal Idea Mondays: Bok Choy Soup W/ Rice

Meal Idea Mondays: Bok Choy Soup W/ Rice by Custom Taste
We have been running low on grociers lately and since we are about to make a jump to a more clean eating and a envrionmentall friendly way of life, I have been relying heavily on veggies and easy to make meals. I was craving something super light, simple, tastey with a slight Oriental taste to it, so this is what i came up with! I love bok choy, but it can be difficult to eat sometimes. It has a very milky taste to it because of the high amounts of calcium it posesses, so eating a vegetable and tasting milk (especially since i don't like the taste of milk to begin with) can be a little off-putting. The soup enhances the flavour of the bok choy without overpowering that milky taste. It is super filling without being heavy as well! Give it try soon, it will heat you up, especially since we are still in winter weather.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Surprise Recipe Swap: Black Bean Soup

I have recently joined the Surprise Recipe Swap(SRS) hosted by Hungry Little Girl and this is my first month. I am excited to not only share this recipe with you all but to also have been introduced the lovely blog it hails from. My SRS partner for March was Jackie at Rediscover Mom. She blogs about cooking, knitting and other skills which our mothers (or grandmothers for some of us) would use daily but yet because of the times we live in many of us never learned or have forgotten what we were taught. She has great fully homemade recipes that not only sound delicious but look delicious too as well as easy to follow instructions on how to make whatever recipe your heart desires and she has a wide variety of recipes to choose from.
March Surprise Recipe Swap: Black Bean Soup by Custom Taste

We are big bean eaters in my household so seeing a recipe for a different way to make black bean soup got me excited! Not to mention it gave me another reason to break out my trusty crock pot. I cut the recipe in half as there are only two of us to feed.

Black Bean Soup (adapted from Rediscover Mom)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bite Battles: Beet Ketchup (Kid-Approved)

So I have some beef with with Heinz Ketchup and I will take you through the whole ordeal (it is not that long so don't skip down). I am not a big fan of ketchup, at all, but a certain little boy in my life is addicted (like most children are), however I was against him eating it unless we went out and it was available, mainly because of the hard to pronounce ingredients and copious amounts of unneeded sugars. But then Heinz did something great, they released an organic ketchup. We bought some, and it was good, but we decided it would be easier, healthier and more financial sound to just make it ourselves. You would think that would be the end of my issue with Heinz and their ketchup making ways, but oh no, it was not. I started noticing that they were selling organic and their original product, and that is when I decided Heinz was full of it and the organic version was a stunt to get more customers, not to encourage health. I do understand they are a business but don't have two sides to your plan and do not make organic versions of something and still keep your fake and sugary product on store shelves, it shows a lot about ethics. Not to mention they are one of the top brands that Monsanto supplies. Sorry for the rant, but I feel that this should be something that more people notice, it is one thing to compare brands but to compare almost identical products of the same brand and find huge differences is shameless and greedy. But you did not come here to read about me on my soapbox so here is our (better than Heinz) Beet Ketchup! 
Bite Battles: Beet Ketchup (Kid-Approved) by Custom Taste

If you have a munchkin, or are around tykes quite a bit, you know they love ketchup on anything and everything (yes, EVERYTHING!) however did you know most ketchups (not just Heinz) use two or more kinds of corn syrup in their ketchup, yuck! Not something I would want my kid consuming vast quantities of. The beets and honey in this recipe help give the ketchup natural sweetness that kids crave while giving them extra nutrients and lowering their intake of fake sugars. Yay! A condiment kids and parents can happily agree on! OH, and did I mention it is super easy and super quick? No? Well it is! Enjoy!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Meal Idea Mondays: Shepard's Pie

Meal Idea Mondays:Shepard's Pie by Custom Taste. An easy, hearty yet light dinner anyone can enjoy.
 Happy day after St. Paddy's Day!!! Hope many of you (adults) are doing well on this Monday. If you haven't noticed or are new to reading our blog, we have a strong Irish background so of course we celebrated.  Instead of going out and partying however we stayed in, made a traditional irish dish and enjoyed time together. Our dish of choice was Shepard's Pie! Full of vitamin c loaded potatoes, yummy veggies and some beef it is pretty much the perfect meal for us and is also super simple to make! Don't worry you can make this anytime of the year not just for St. Pat's Day! Traditionally it is made with lamb ("Shepard's" Pie after all) but since we don't eat much beef we decided to opt for that, plus it was much less expensive. Super filling without feeling heavy you can enjoy a great meal and have a great time.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Guiltless Banana Pie with Peanut Butter Topping

Guiltless Banana Pie with Peanut Butter Topping by Custom Taste. In celebration for PI day!

We are pretty big nerds here and March 14th was National Pi(3.14-) Day (at least for those of you who use the Middle-Endian calendar system). We are also on a health kick, so I had to figure out a way to make a delicious pie without adding tons of added sugars, carbs and fat. I hit the mark! Light and easy to eat, it was a perfect after dinner dessert and it didn't come served with a side of guilt. Plus, we love the health benefits bananas have. Enjoy!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Meal Idea Mondays: Potato and Pork Soup

Meal Idea Mondays: Potato and Pork Soup by Custom Taste

With it being spring we did a huge kitchen clean out (look for the post) and so I had to make a meal that was quick, easy and not a lot of prep work. The fun thing about this recipe is that it is also very hearty and low cal so you don't have to worry about breaking your calorie budget. I also believe that this is our shortest post ever! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bite Battles: Cream-O-Potato Soup

Bite Battles: Cream-O-Potato Soup by Custom Taste

During chilly times such as these, who would not enjoy a warm bowl of soup while relaxing in their favourite chair. However most of us would not want to leave the warmth of our homes to go and get a can of soup from the store and then come home and make it. By the time it was ready we would not really be to keen on eating it now. Therefore, we came up with this Cream-O-Potato soup that can easily be made with ingredients that cane be fond in many homes so you will never have to leave the house! Not to mention no added sodium, fake foods and ingredients that we can't even begin to pronounce, so it is a great comfort food that will also be kind to your body.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Meal Idea Mondays: BBQ Pork Enchiladas for Two

Meal Idea Mondays: BBQ Pork Enchiladas for Two by Custom Taste
We eat a lot of pork, love BBQ and love Tex-Mex (we are from the southwest after all) so I decided to combine all of it into one great dinner!  It is turned out to be easy and delicious. You can compare it to a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, just with a lot less carbs and not as messy, at least they aren't as messy to eat. A perfect dinner for an in home date night or any night of the week!