Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sweet Potato Quinoa Drop Dumplings

With Electric's large array of allergies- coming up with interesting foods has gotten more and more challenging the more we try to get healthy. Dumplings are one of those make it or break it foods. Traditional dumplings are made with wheat and oil (among other ingredients) and just those two ingredients alone would send us over our fats or him into some digestive distress. (wheat allergies/intolerances are no joke). When looking at making gnocchi-it was the same issue. Wheat flour and, usually, russet potatoes. Russet potatoes are not the best type of potato to be eating a lot of because of the simple carbs and starches that come with them.  Being that we have moved from rice to quinoa (so much quinoa) and sweet potatoes were super cheap (and we had a lot) we started to experiment. After some Google-fu we stumbled across the idea of gnocchi. Even though that attempt failed (so horribly) we did some get some nice drop dumplings out the whole thing. So yeah...this is a recipe for that. You're welcome.