Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pureed Zucchini Sauce

Pureed Zucchini Sauce by Custom Taste
I have a very and loyal love affair with zucchini. It is my absolute favourite vegetable (or is it a fruit?). You can eat it cooked, baked, in a soup, raw, anyway and everyway. I have even seen some recipes use it in cakes! Those are next on my list to try.  I came up with this one day when i wanted some creamy but low cal as well. This ended up being perfect!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Food Foto

This is from a few nights ago but it as so yummy I finally got around to sharing it. It was an HEB Fiesta Salmon burger which is made with; salmon (obviously), onions, jalapenos and diced cheese. I have been wanting to try one everytime we go to the fish counter but they can be pretty pricey for something that is just one pattie, but a previous shopping trip gifted me with one of these babies!
When we recieved it I was so happy to finaly try one of their salmon burgers, which are pretty tasty by the way! So now I know for any future special occasions these would not be a bad thing to get. Along with the salmon burger I made a simple side salad of just lettuce, diced onion and diced tomatoes as well as a mushroom creamy rice. Talk about full and satisfied afterwards!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CIC-Caramelized Onion Gingerbread Biscuit Loaf

It is that time of the month again!! No not the woman thing, but Crazy Ingredient Challenge time!! Like many of you (or not) know the 20th is when a bunch of us bloggers get together and do a crazy ingredient reveal which is hosted by Jutta at Hungry Little Girl, this months was defiantly a doozie. Gingerbread and Onion, say wha!? First off, nowhere near me sells "gingerbread spice" which I thought was a thing, surprise! It isn't. Secondly, i only came up with this final recipe about..well the day a I made it! (which was last night..whoops)Even though I have been busy with training (I am in On the Job now, woot woot!) I never miss a CIC. They are so intriguing and really put your chef skills to the test. So if you'd like to participate just click here and let Jutta know! Now..onward to this crazy, yet delicious, concoction!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Food Foto

Grilled veggie and cheese sandwich with veggie pot stickers . We are still actively using our panini press, especially now that the weather is chilly every once in a while. Also since I work at home it makes it easier for me to get something yummy made and still get chores around the house caught up. My grilled cheese contained cheese (obviously) grilled zucchini and tomatoes (cooked in the oven w/ a little coconut oil, salt and pepper sprinkles at 350 for about 10 minutes) with some mustard on whole wheat bread. On the side were some veggie pot stickers and San Luis hot sauce. It was a melding of cuisines lol. I also chugged 1.5 quarts of water. I cannot get enough of it lately. Weaning off of coffee makes me sooooo incredibly thirsty. Overall this was hugely satisfying and gave me an energy boost so my brain was ready for me online traning. Woo!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Food Foto

Last night's dinner. My tofu seemed extremely angry. I had pasta with mushrooms and a pureed zucchini and almond milk sauce along with 3 slices of firm tofu cooked in soy sauce with a tiny side salad dressed with salt and pepper.

Since I have discovered my "meat intolerance" I have been giving tofu another try, so far so good! No skin reactions or digestive problems, plus I feel so much better now that I have been extremely meat free for the last 2 weeks. I know I was trying to be meatless as a way to save money but apparently I need to be meatless as a means to stay healthy. It's easier this time since it is less if a choice and more of a need. Recipe for the zucchini sauce will be up soon since I can post it fast. I am at the tail end of my training schedule and I am getting into a groove. Hopefully I will be back to regular blogging very, very shortly.