Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spending Free/ Cleaning out the pantry Month in review (finally)

Since it the beginning of the year Mr. CT and myself decided that this would be a great time to do a spending freeze...for a whole month! Not only will we be saving money, from not spending money, we will also be cleaning out our pantry. The purpose of cleaning out our pantry is so we can make February our get healthy month! Will we keep up with giving month's certain goals? Maybe! I know I would like to, better to just take things slow however. Our spending freeze month actually began on January the 6th. The day before we took a quick and cheap trip to the grocery store so we could do 2 days of juicing as well as get any easy staples before starting the freeze. Of course we are paying bills but anything beyond that we have stopped. Almost like our bank account was frozen. If do need anything we have to scrounge up change (see clean out car) or sell something (see de-clutter the house).You can find out all about our juicing expericne (Day 1 and Day 2) however here is the reason we cut it short. We could not drink enough to get the calories we needed. I don't know it jus thte sheer amount of micro nutrients and liquids was far too much or what but calorie intake was way too low. Maybe more planning was needed, maybe it just did not work for us. Regardless it was a great expereince. On our "breaking day" I had

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Juicing Day 2

Juicing day 2! (↑ as if the title did not give it away or anything) Yes this was well over a month ago, but how long is too long before these "catch-up" posts just become ridiculous? I have no idea. The most annoying part of this juicing adventure is cleaning our danged juicer, every.single.time. It is an old juicer w/ like a bazillion parts! (okay only like 8...but still far too many). One part isn't even functional, just decorative! It, somehow, still manages to get dirty grrr.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Juicing- Day 1

Like I said in my post yesterday we did a juice cleanse in the beginning of January, well here is day one! Unfortunately I only got my pictures while Matt did not. But I do have the recipes as well! For the frist day I was not hungry I was actually uncomfortably full each "meal". As for those onions and jalapenos we got, well this day you can find out about how well the onions went over (hint: not well). We juiced our juice ten minutes before consuming (took about 10 minutes to chill to how I liked it) I have seen that you can juice up to 24 hours before you drink the juice and before the nutrients start to lose their healthy value. However, since I work from home and Hubby is taking a sabbatical (more on that to come). We did our juicing when we planned to drink it to get the full effect.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting ready to juice.-Long overdue

So I meant to post this over a month ago but time and a few major changes got away from me, now that things have calmed down an immense amount the next few posts will be about before we juiced, during and after! Enjoy!

Another blogger (My Healthy Chef) I follow, who I also went to college with AND was a sorority sister, did a juice cleanse in December and really got me thinking and planning about getting back into a healthy lifestyle. Mr. CT and I have not be crazy unhealthy, but winter and the holidays make us a bit lazy. So we decided that on Jan 6th we are going to start getting healthy again.  We are looking to start a family this year so starting a change in January was the perfect opportunity. We can start with the New Year and continue from there. Why the 6th through? Mr. CT is taking a break from work so he can focus on starting his own business or getting into programming and possibly start some classes so he can find a career he enjoys instead of just one to make money. With me working from home we figured why not (plus it is a Monday)!? We save money from not always having to leave, it will also be easier to get healthy since we won't be driving past restaurants or getting something quick because we forgot lunch at home. It also gives an opportunity to spend more time together and get on a better schedule so when Mr. CT gets back into the job world, or his business starts to take off, we won't have to scramble or worry about anything but the business.

I also got a new fancy photo app for  my phone. :D